How to Pick a Great Growth Stock

A great growth stock needs many things, I will be sharing some of them to you in this post. The first thing I look at in any stock is are they profitable or expected to be profitable soon. This tells me if the company can put money back into the company to grow and expand.Continue reading “How to Pick a Great Growth Stock”

The Best Dividend Growth Stock

A dividend growth stock is a stock that is expected to continue to increase the dividend over time. The stock I will be talking about is my favorite dividend growth stock to hold forever, the stock is Starbucks. This dividend growth stock has been growing their EPS by a lot which has led them toContinue reading “The Best Dividend Growth Stock”

Carnival Corporation Stock Analysis

Carnival Corporation or CCL stock has gone down substantially and is at a P/E ratio of only 3.34. While the sickness that has affected the stock market in the short term is going around, it is a good time to buy stocks. CCL stock has gone from a 52 week high of 56.04 to wereContinue reading “Carnival Corporation Stock Analysis”