The Best Dividend Aristocrat

A dividend aristocrat is a dividend stock that has increased its dividend over 25 years in a row. These stocks are great for dividend investors that hold dividend stocks forever or for a very long time. The reason the stocks are great is because when the dividend is increased your yield on cost goes upContinue reading “The Best Dividend Aristocrat”

How to Start a Dividend Portfolio with 5000

If you decide you want a dividend portfolio and decide to start with a investment of 5000 this is what you should do. The first step is to find out what platform you want to invest on (I use Charles Schwab). Now that you know that you will need to pick the type of stocksContinue reading “How to Start a Dividend Portfolio with 5000”

How to Pick a Good Dividend Stock

There are many factors adding up to a good dividend stock. One factor is will the stock be able to continue to increase the dividend. A good way to determine if they will be able to continue to increase the dividend is if the stock has a payout ratio of 60% or less. If theContinue reading “How to Pick a Good Dividend Stock”