The Best High Yield Dividend Aristocrat to Buy in August

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Peoples United Financial ticker symbol PBCT is a regional bank stock with a market cap of 4.46 billion at the moment. The company operates in two segments retail banking and commercial banking. They have been growing very rapidly for a dividend stock, as they have almost doubled their earnings from 2016 to 2019. They have not been hit to hard in the pandemic as they have managed to keep earnings and revenue close to what it was last year.

Now lets talk about the reasons I love this stock. Peoples United has been increasing its dividend for 27 years in a row making it a dividend aristocrat. Not only is it a consistent dividend raiser but the dividend is also very high yielding at almost 7%. This stock is also good from a value stampoint as the PE ratio is currently only 7.52. The 52 week high is 17.22 and the 52 week low is 9.37, right now PBCT is close to their low with a stock price of only 10.60. The payout ratio is also pretty low at the moment at 60%, the payout ratio is a little higher at the moment because EPS took a hit due to the pandemic.

There is no major growth potential with the stock which may be a problem depending on what stocks you like, but overall the stock will most likely be very consistent and rewarding if you hold it over time. As always make sure to follow my blog for stock picks and advice about the stock market.

The Best Growth Stock to Buy in August

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There are many great growth stocks to buy in august but in my opinion there is one that is better then the rest. Revolve ticker symbol RVLV is the best growth stock to buy now in my opinion. Revolve operates as an online fashion retailer for consumers in the united states and internationally. 95% of the companies consumers are women and they do a amazing job of marketing their brand by using social media influencers. The stock went public in June 2019, and they have been profitable since 2016.

Now lets get into the reasons you should buy Revolve stock. Revolve stock has a 52 week high of 32.99 and a 52 week low of 7.17, currently the stock price for Revolve is 16.37. I think right now the stock is at a very attractive price because of the difference between the 52 week high and 52 week low. Another reason I think the stock is attractive is because a lot of retail clothing stores are going out of business because of the pandemic. I am a big believer that most retail stores are going to lose most of their business or go out of business over time, so in my opinion holding this stock is a great way to capitalize on those businesses going bankrupt or losing some of their consumers.

The company is supposed to grow a lot in the next 3-5 years, and if you are a patient investor who won’t sell for short term gains then this stock will be a great opportunity for you. I will be revealing my other favorite stocks for august very soon so make sure you follow my blog.

Is JP Morgan Stock a Buy

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JP Morgan Stock Analysis

JP Morgan, ticker symbol JPM has fallen a lot recently but how attractive is the company, you’ll find out here. Now getting into the stock JPM has a 52 week low of 76.91 and a 52 week high of 141.10, the price is currently 84.00. This is a very attractive price as the stock has a P/E ratio of 9.44, which means the stock is discounted. The dividend is 3.60 or 4.14%. The payout ratio is 40%, but the payout ratio was 30% before earnings dropped because of the illness. So if you are looking for a dividend stock that is going to grow the dividend long term JPM is a good candidate. The stock also has market cap of 255 billion, which makes them one of the biggest companies in the world.

Is JP Morgan Stock a Buy

Now for the question you’ve been waiting for is JP Morgan a buy the answer is yes. Here is a recap of the best things about the stock. The stock is safe because it is a huge company and because the sector it is in, banking. Next reason is the dividend, the dividend is high yielding at over 4%, the dividend is also growing. The final reason is JP Morgan has huge potential growth in share price because the price has fallen from 141.10 to 84.00.