The Best Dividend Stock To Buy During the 2020 Stock Market Crash

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The best dividend stock to buy in my opinion is Sysco or SYY. This stock has increased its dividend for for over 50 years making it a dividend king. I love how safe and low the payout ratio is, which I will talk about later. Right now I’m going to tell you about their business model. They are a food distribution company.

Sysco has dropped from a 52 week high of 85.98 to a 52 week low of 26 and Sysco is currently at 39.50. This has created a attractive dividend yield of 4.36%. The dividend is very safe because their 46% payout ratio. Another reason I love the dividend is because they have a pretty high 5 year compound annual growth rate of the dividend at around 6%.

If you want to hold a dividend stock for a long time or forever, this is in my opinion one of the best. The business is also very safe because people are not going to stop eating food. As the market is going down this is a very good stock to buy. I also like the stock because I believe they will climb back to their 52 week high for growth. This is an example of a amazing dividend stock at a low price.

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