How to Pick a Great Growth Stock

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A great growth stock needs many things, I will be sharing some of them to you in this post. The first thing I look at in any stock is are they profitable or expected to be profitable soon. This tells me if the company can put money back into the company to grow and expand. The second thing I look for is has the stock been growing revenue and earnings regularly. Are they expected to grow revenue by 10 or more percent in the coming years.

If they are not expected to grow over 10% or close to it, then have they fallen a lot from their 52 week high to almost a 52 week low. A good example of this is a stock called Carnival Corporation or CCL. This stock has fallen from 56.04 to 7.90 and is currently about 12.50 to 13 today.

The third thing I look for in a growth stock is if they have been going down a lot why, and does it affect the stock long term. With most of the stocks that have been going down a lot short term during the crash, the problem of the sickness will not affect the long term decision. If a good stock is falling because a short term problem like this sickness then it is a buy.

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