The Best Dividend Growth Stock

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A dividend growth stock is a stock that is expected to continue to increase the dividend over time. The stock I will be talking about is my favorite dividend growth stock to hold forever, the stock is Starbucks. This dividend growth stock has been growing their EPS by a lot which has led them to increase the dividend by a lot and as the stock market is going down this is a perfect buying opportunity. The stock has a dividend of 1.64 and a share price of 66.34 right now, this causes the dividend yield to be 2.4%. The dividend yield is low currently, but the stock will grow the dividend over time.

Their is also a growth side to Starbucks, they are expanding internationally which creates huge potential growth. The 52 week high of this stock is 99.72 and a 52 week low of 50.02 and it is currently sitting at 66.34. If the stock continues to fall this will be a great dividend stock and a great growth stock. If you are planning to invest in the stock you probably need to be looking at a long term buy.

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