How to Start a Dividend Portfolio with 5000

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If you decide you want a dividend portfolio and decide to start with a investment of 5000 this is what you should do. The first step is to find out what platform you want to invest on (I use Charles Schwab). Now that you know that you will need to pick the type of stocks you want to invest in. The best way in my opinion is dividend growth investing. This means buying dividend stocks that will continue to increase the dividend.

The next step is to pick 2-5 great dividend stocks for example, JP Morgan and Starbucks. These are some good stocks because they both have good yields, and high dividend growth potential. The stocks also have share price growth potential. The next step if you decide to keep investing in dividend stocks is to put a certain amount of money in those same stocks you picked or new stocks. The more consistent you are investing in dividend growth stocks the more your money/investment will grow.

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