How to Invest During the Stock Market Crash

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The best time to buy a stock is when the stock is on discount, which is why I will be spending a lot of money during the stock market crash. I will be giving strategies to invest during the recession. The first strategy is to buy dividend stocks that would normally not have a high dividend yield. A good example is JP Morgan it has a lot and this caused a stock with a dividend yield of normally around 3%, to go to around 4.5%. The stock also has good growth ahead because they have fallen so much. The second way you can invest in the 2020 stock market crash is by buying high growth stocks.

For example I have a post about a stock Carnival Corporation or CCL, which could easily triple your money if you buy early enough. This is a stock I have bought and will continue to buy during the crash. I love this stock but some investors are more conservative which is why we have another strategy. This strategy is to buy blue chip stocks that fall. For example, the stock disney is a blue chip (meaning large company) that has fallen. The stock also provides massive growth with there streaming service Disney plus. They also own many large companies like ESPN and Marvel. It was expected to reach 175 to 200 this year but the crash has stopped this idea.

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