Carnival Corporation Stock Analysis

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Carnival Corporation or CCL stock has gone down substantially and is at a P/E ratio of only 3.34. While the sickness that has affected the stock market in the short term is going around, it is a good time to buy stocks. CCL stock has gone from a 52 week high of 56.04 to were the stock is sitting around 10-15, and a 52 week low of 7.30. The dividend will I am almost certain be cut, but the stock will most likely bring it back. The stock is a great company in normal times, it has just had to cancel it’s cruises for maybe the rest of the year. The stock in spite of the short term negativity is a great buy. If you hold on to the stock for 1-5 years it may triple or more depending on when you buy.

In my opinion, the stock is one of the best growth stocks to buy in the 2020 bear market. It will continue to grow most likely when the spread of the sickness is slowed down. CCL will most likely go back in the 40-60 range and this will give you huge returns. While the stock might even pay a solid dividend if they decide to bring it back after suspending it. If you have any questions about investing, leave a comment and I will answer it.

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